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1997 “Panteion” University Doctorate, Public Administration, Athens, Greece

Doctoral Dissertation: “Local Government of the Southern States of USA.” Defended Dissertation on June 28, 2001.  Financial support provided by Doctoral Scholarship. $4,000 from Kostas and Helen Ouranis Foundation of the Academy of Athens, Greece.

1995 "Panteion" University BA, MPA Public Administration, Athens, Greece.

1970 Goethe German Institute: Teaching German as a Foreign Language, Athens, Greece.

1967 Hellenic American Union BA (Equivalent): Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Athens, Greece.

1965 Greek American Cultural Institute Diploma: Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Athens, Greece.


1965-1970 United States Department of the Air Force, Athens, Greece.

Supply and Payroll Clerk in 7206th Support Group, APO 09223.  Performed auditing, bookkeeping and payroll for G.S. employees of the Air Force, Army and Navy in both Greece and Turkey. Prepared financial reports for Higher Headquarters.



1987- 2001         University of South Alabama – Mobile, Alabama

1997-2000           Instructor/Director, Summer Session International Programs

Coordinator, Study Abroad Programs - Delphi, Greece (1997, 1998) and Crete, Greece (2000)

Teach courses on Contemporary Greece

1992-2001           Instructor/Director Hellenic Studies, Dept. of Foreign Languages and Literatures

Teach beginning, intermediate, and advanced Greek language and literature.

1987-2001           Instructor, Dept. of Continuing Education

Taught Greek language, history and culture.


 2001- Present   Interpreter    United States Department of State , Office of Language Services. (Washington, D.C.)

1994 – Present   Translator    United States Department of State, Office of Language Services.  (Washington, DC.)

1994. - Mobile Circuit Court, (Mobile, Al.)

1993 University of South Alabama, (Mobile AL).



"THOLOS" Doric Temple.  Initiated and saw through completion the construction of the “Tholos” Doric Temple on the campus of the University of South Alabama.  Organized $350,000 fund raising campaign.  Organized architectural, radio, television and radio media coverage, ground-breaking, and three-day ceremony attended by University administration, Mayors office, Federal State and Local Dignitaries and Officials as well as Greek political dignitaries from Greece.


“Teaching Greek in the University of South Alabama,” International Conference of the University of Patras.  Session Chair: Greek Studies Abroad. Patras, Gr. July 2000, 2001.

“The Study of Greek Language and Culture Abroad,” Council of Overseas Hellenes – S.A.E. (A council under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Greece. Invited Speaker Thessaloniki, Gr.  December 1995, 1999,2000,2001.

Appointed to the Coordinating World Committee of Culture and Subcommittee of Literature-Poetry and Translation.

“Teaching Greek in the University of South Alabama,” “American Foundation of Greek Language and Culture Annual Forum. University of South Florida. Invited speaker. Tampa. FL.  March 5-6, 1999.

“The West and Hellenistic Time,” University of Alabama-Birmingham.  Invited speaker to UAB faculty. Birmingham, Al. Jan. 1998

“Alexander Moraitidis,” University of Athens - World Conference on Literature. Invited speaker Athens,  May 1996

“The Role of Establishing Chairs for the Study of Greek Language and Culture Abroad,” First World Consul of Overseas Hellenism, Republic of Greece, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Invited speaker. Thessaloniki, Gr. December 1-8, 1995.

 SeminarS And PresentATIONS

“A Taste of Greek History, Customs and Traditions,” University of South Alabama Seminars on Greek History and Culture. Mobile, AL. 1988-1994.

“Christmas and Easter Customs in Greece,” University of South Alabama Seminars on Greek History and Culture. 1989- 1994, Mobile, AL. 1989-1994

“Taste of Greek Culture,” Elderhostel of the University of South Alabama. Mobile, AL. 1989-2001. RADIO/Television Appearances, INTERVIEWS

“Mesimeri Stis Dyomisi,” (This Afternoon At 2:30).  Live television appearance describing the Greek Studies program at the University of South Alabama,  “Teletime” Television Station in Patras, Greece.  May 20, 1996

“Elliniki Agogi,” (Greek Education) Antenna Satellite TV: Television interview discussing Greek Studies program at the University of South Alabama. With Ms. Nancy Biska. Athens Greece. July 2000

 Planet FM and ERT (Voice of Greece- Hellenes Abroad) Radio interview described Greek Studies program at the University of South Alabama. Athens, Greece. July 2000.

Church of Greece Radio. Live interview discussing the challenges associated with the development of Hellenic Studies Academic Programs. September 2000, January 2001, June 2001.

Mobile Bay Monthly Interview describing Greek Christmas Culture and Traditions, September 1996.

Crete (A monthly New York magazine) “A Profile of Sophia Metzakis.” June 1999.

Mobile Press Register interview “USA Teacher Looks For Her Greek Roots.


“Council of Overseas Hellenes- Conference in Thessaloniki, Gr. Greece in Print: Hellenic Literature Society’s Literary Review. “Cosmos” Publishing Co. (No. 141) New Jersey. February  2000.

“Greek Language” Hellenic Diaspora (A monthly worldwide magazine.) Text of speech delivered to Council of Overseas Hellenes at conference.  Macedonian Press, Thessaloniki, Greece. January 1996

“Greek Studies at the University of South Alabama.” Thema” (No 1) January 1999

“Greek Christmas Customs.” Mobile Bay Monthly (Vol. 3, No. 11).  Interview. December 1989.

“Christmas Legends and Traditions.” ESEIS (No. 106).  December 1992.

“Myrsini.” (a poem).  Crete (No. 629). March 1993.

“Vacation In Crete.”  ESEIS (No. 158). February 1995.

“The Land and People of Greece.” Course material - International Studies Program - Delphi, Gr. Jul. 1997, 1998, -Crete, Greece. 2000.

“Proini.” Daily newspaper from New York. Twice monthly column on current issues. N.Y. October 2000.

“Anatoli. “Various articles published in newspaper in Crete about the summer program in Crete and Hellenic activities at the University of South Alabama (St. Nicholas, Crete, 2000, 2001).


1995 Neohel (Athens, GR) and Point de Rencontre (Geneva, SW). Attended seminars in Greek Poetry. Ithaca, Greece.


“The Land and People of Greece.” Unpublished text (currently seeking publisher).  Used in International Studies at the University of South Alabama.



“Association for Academicians Living Abroad”.  An organization of academic professionals from Lasithi, Crete. Since 2000, Currently Chairman for Academic Affairs.

“Democritos: Think Tank Association of America”, Since 1998

“Pancretan Association of America.”  Member of the committee Information Technology and Multimedia Communication.  Since 1989.

World Council of Overseas Hellenism (Forum of Hellenists).  Since 1995.

“Council of Overseas Hellenes”, Forum of Culture  (Under of the aegis of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Republic of Greece). Since 1999.

“Paideia” - The Hellenic Society “Paideia”. Past President, Alabama Chapter (1996-1998).  Coordinated $350,000 Fundraising Campaign for Construction of the Delphic Temple “THOLOS” on the University of South Alabama campus.




Kostas and Helen Ouranis Foundation of the Academy of Athens, Greece

-Wrote successful grant for approx. $3,000 for books to enrich the Greek Studies Library at University of South Alabama,      

  Sept. 2000.

-Wrote successful grant of $ 17.800 for support of Greek Studies at the University of South Alabama.  1999 and 2000.

- Student fellowship, $ 1,800 for a summer session at the National University of Athens. June-August 2000.



Sponsored scholarships for 12 student  ($500 each) to support educational expenses for attendance at a six week program studying the Greek Language in Athens.  1993-2003


“American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association”Award for the promotion of the Greek language, history and culture in the United States. 1995

Mayor of Mobile, AL.   Medallion in recognition for promoting the Greek culture, language and history in Mobile. 1996 and 2000.

Mayor of Delphi, Greece.  Medallion awarded for the promotion of Greek programs at the University of South Alabama and the accomplishment of the “THOLOS” construction at the University of South Alabama. 1998



Strengths:    Outstanding diplomatic, interpersonal, speaking, literary, decision making skills, teaching and working with children.

Interests: Travel, entertaining, cooking, writing, poetry and reading. 

Foreign Languages: English (Fluent), Greek (Native Fluency), German (Intermediate)